Announcing java-crypto-utils: open source from Pando Software

We are pleased to announce the first release of java-crypto-utils, a collection of high-quality open-source (Apache 2) licensed cryptography utilities for Java 8+. The initial release just contains a high-performance implementation of the SipHash family of keyed hash functions. Other items coming soon include an implementation of BLAKE2, utilities for key derivation (PBKDF2, HKDF), key exchange (ECDH), and some integrity-protected key-wrapping encryption mode, most likely GCM-SIV.

The purpose of the package is to provide high-quality (i.e., fast, well-tested, compact) implementations of crypto building blocks with zero additional dependencies. You can safely depend on a single module of the library in the knowledge that you are getting just that module and nothing else. This includes zero cross-dependencies between modules in the package. The source code will be kept minimal such that it is feasible to read and audit each module in one sitting.

We hope you find the library useful. Follow us on Twitter for updates!